YOGa's Clean Air Bubble (Y-CAB)

Our Y-CAB transform any indoor polluted environment into a clean air bubble where you control the quality of air you desire. Each Y-CAB unit at full speed consumes 1 unit per day

YOGa Clean Air Pocket System

Clean Air Bubble® (Y-CAB) System

Patented synthetic microporic filtration for ventilation control and optimum IAQ management even in the world’s most polluted cities. Y-CAB system offers precise control of PM 2.5, CO₂ and other gaseous pollutants.

YOGa has perfected the art & science of clean air

Breathe in the WHO standard air quality round the year

PM 2.5 Levels

<5 µg/m3

CO₂ Levels

<800 PPM

Other pollutants

Within limits



Clean Air

Effectively lowers both PM2.5 and CO₂

Constantly adds clean air to the space for better sleep

No change in air quality with multiple door/window openings

Consistently achieves WHO safe limit indoor air quality round the clock

A Y-CAB covers 2,000 sqft

No influence of outdoor air quality

Uniform Air Quality at every corner

100% safe for children


Manages PM 2.5 at the risk of rising CO₂

Recirculates stale air, risk of sleep issues & microbial growth

Door opened for 2 minutes needs 60 minutes to reboot

Can’t achieve air quality within WHO Safe limit

One Unit covers 200 sqft

IAQ highly influenced by outdoor air

Air quality varies everywhere

Air processing can be harmful

Why choose YOGA's Clean Air Pockets (Y-CAB) system over air purifiers?

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