Frequently Asked Questions

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YOGa stands for Your Own Green Area. We create personalised breathing spaces where you can control quality of air you breathe.

Our ventilation cum air pollution device can control clean air supply for offices and homes from a single point. Air purifiers filter PM 2.5 by recirculating stale air, whereas Y-CAB (clean air bubble) system brings fresh air to achieve ventilation comfort. Air purifiers can not reduce CO2 whereas CAP reduces PM2.5 as well as CO2 to the absolute minimum.
Even 10 air purifiers inside a home can not bring IAQ within WHO standards all the time, whereas Y-CAB can consistently maintain the air quality standards in every corner of the house.

Air Purifier enabled homes face the issue of high CO2 buildup which can reduce the occupants' concentration, cognitive development and sleep quality. These homes struggle to maintain WHO standard air quality (PM2.5 <5 µg/m3) as air purifiers’ performance depends on the opening and closing of doors, sealing quality of the house and other indoor activities.

Adding a Y-CAB  system will solve the CO2 buildup issue as well as there will not be any impact of outdoor air pollution and opening/closing of doors.

We hardly get 10 good air quality days in an entire year. Even these good days are far behind than WHO Standards. Also, out of world’s top 20 most polluted cities, 13 are from India.

We should start measuring our 24 hours exposure and lower our exposure to air pollution for longer life and better overall health.

AC filters are not designed to clean the entire space because of low air change rates and feeble filtration. Also, it will not solve the CO2 accumulation issue.

We don’t use any kind of air processing (Ionisation, ESP, ozonisation, PCO, UV & others) nor do we use glass fibre filtration. Instead, we use passive synthetic filtration to ensure its safety for even newborns.

Our solutions consume the same electricity as your ceiling fan, we recommend running it on 24x7, 365 days a year.

Air processing is an active reaction with the breathable air to remove air pollutants. It involves chemical and structural changes of air pollutants with some bi-products as a result of the reaction. Whereas passive filtration is just arresting pollutants passively with some sieve or absorbent process and there are no byproducts of the reactions.

The air processing has nothing to do with your thermal comfort. We are replacing the same air that is being lost through exhausts. Also, because of high air displacements, air temperatures are always better. There have been no significant load increment in our clients’ homes. For heating, additional heating strip can always be added. If you have a standalone heating device that you use in winters, then you don’t need any additional heating.

Plug n Play is a smaller version of YOGa clean air bubble (Y-CAB) system ideal for spaces upto 1000 sq. ft. It is installed in place of your any existing exhaust fan. No professional installation is needed and any one can install at home with basic tools.