Minus 2.5

Minus 2.5 plugs into your vehicle’s exhaust pipe and stops harmful particulate air pollutants like PM2.5 before they enter the air we breathe

Minus 2.5 device for air pollution

Engineered to reduce
air pollutants

Air pollution is omnipresent. So we need a tool that can reach every corner of a city. What can be better than vehicles? Minus 2.5 is an all-natural filtering device that attaches to your vehicle’s tailpipe and stops harmful particulate air pollutants like PM2.5 at the source.

Wave and Electrical energy

Our technology uses a combination of electric and wave energy to influence pollutants such as PM 2.5 so that they act as magnets, attracting other particulate pollutants from the ambient atmosphere. The pollutants become heavy as they grow in size and fall off safely on the ground like soil. There is no need for component replacement because the device does not use filter technology.

Improve life wherever you drive

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